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LEDs emit a significantly higher "LUX" than traditional types of lighting, while using a fraction of the energy.

ULTRALUX® Integrated LED Fixtures and ULTRALUX® Vintage LED Fixtures combine the aesthetics of a conventional light fixture with the latest innovations in LED technology.

LED Filament Technology

Life in TrueColor®

ULTRALUX® lighting products utilize TrueColor® solid-state lighting technology from CLEANLIFE® LED. TrueColor® provides precise color temperature control (CCT), excellent color consistency and stability, and high color rendition (CRI). With this technology, ULTRALUX® fixtures and bulbs can faithfully and accurately reproduce the colors of objects when compared to a natural light source.

LED Filament LED Technology

  • Looks, feels and dims like an original Edison incandescent bulb
  • Perfectly balanced illumination in all directions
  • LED filament technology
  • Ballast compressed to fit in bulb base

Our products have premium quality, high efficacy, licensed white LED chips, manufactured under strict quality control standards. And when it comes to energy efficiency, all of our LED lamps and fixtures are certified to UL or ETL, FCC, and RoHS standards with options available for Energy Star, Title 20 and Title 24.