Ultra Luxurious.

Ultra Luminous.

ULTRALUX® LED designs and manufactures energy-efficient LED light fixtures and vintage-style LED light bulbs for consumer and residential markets.

What is ULTRA [LUX]?

LUX is the SI unit of illuminance, equal to one lumen per square meter.

LEDs emit a significantly higher LUX than traditional types of lighting, while using a fraction of the energy. ULTRALUX® Integrated LED Fixtures and ULTRALUX® Vintage LED Fixtures combine the aesthetics of a conventional light fixture with the latest innovations in LED technology.

Justin Miller, Founder

Justin is also the founder and CEO of CLEANLIFE ENERGY LLC, creator of clean and innovative solutions for the world’s future energy supply.

Justin’s business and educational experiences have taken him to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan where he developed an extensive track record in clean technology; including advising governments on climate change policies and representing a number of Asia’s leading manufacturers.  Justin studied Chinese at Chongqing University and Economics at Miami University where he founded the prestigious China America Business Organization.  Justin was named Top 25 Under 35 in Northeast Ohio by the 20/30 Club and has recently been featured on Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Market Watch.  Justin enjoys cooking, walking outside, boxing, and traveling in his free time.